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  • "You can be sad about your child's diagnosis and still love them with ever liver" of your being.
  • Austim is like a rainbow. it has a bright side and a darker side. But every shade is important and beautiful.
  • If they can't learn the way we teach, we teach the way the learn.

Speech Therapy

Speech and language therapist are specialist whose focus in the areas of communication

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

ABA is a study and application of behavioural concepts uncovered via experimental

Special Education

A special Educator works with children of different ages who have a range of learning

Occupational therapy

An occupational therapist focuses on developing the client’s everyday occupational

About Us

Ambhica Centre for Autism and Related Disorder (ACARD) is established in 2019 by quantified and licensed professionals. At Ambhica centre for Autism and Related Disorders we provide evidenced based, and research supported therapies.

Because no two children with autism or other disorders are alike, we at Ambhica Centre for Autism and Related Disorders (ACARD) provides a variety of programs tailored to your child's individual requirements.

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